The college is managed by the Catholic fathers from the Order of the Holy Cross in Dhaka. Since its establishment, 10 priests have served as the principal of the college.

  1. Fr. John J. Harrington, 1949-54
  2. Fr. James L. Martin,1954-60
  3. Fr. Theotonius Ganguly, March, 1960 - October, 1960
  4. Fr. William Graham, 1960-67
  5. Fr. John Vanden Bossche, 1967-69
  6. Fr. Richard Timm, 1970-72
  7. Fr. Ambrose Wheeler, 1972-76
  8. Fr. Joseph Peixotto, 1976-1998
  9. Fr. Benjamin Costa, 1998-2012
  10. Fr. Hemanto Pius Rozario, CSC, 2012-

At present 5 Holy Cross priests have been administering and teaching at the College.

  1. Dr. Fr. Hemanto Pius Rozario, CSC, Department of Philosophy, Principal
  2. Fr. George Kamal Rozario, CSC, Department of English
  3. Dr. Fr. Lenard Shankar Rozario, CSC, Department of English
  4. Dr. Fr. Liton Hubert Gomes, CSC, Department of Business
  5. Fr. Sushanto Anthony Gomes, CSC, Director of Guidance