Extra-curriculum activities

Notre Dame College has 19 clubs to encourage students for extra-curriculum activities. These are: Debating Club, Science Club, Adventure Club, Business Club, Chess Club, Nature Study Club, Manobik Shongha, Degree Club, Red Crescent Club, the Rotaract Club, Nattya Dal, Abriti Dal, Rover Dal, History Club, Environmental Health, International Understanding and relations Club, Cultural Club, Writers’ Club and English Club. After the admission, students can become member of these clubs according to their interest. One or two teachers are assigned in each club as moderator. The main objectives of these extra-curriculum activities are:

  • Intellectual, social, and moral formation of the students
  • To bring out the hidden talents of the students so that they can be more creative.
  • To build communion and community among students and also with the teachers through interaction during weekly club activities.
  • To bring awareness among students about social justice, environment, current national and international issues.
  • To inspire and prepare students to participate in national and international events and competition.